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Optimum Lighting Solutions

Whether your business is retail, warehousing / manufacturing, or an office space, there is an energy efficient lighting solution for you and your budget. We want your lighting to work best for your business-without using a lot of energy. Optimum offers exterior lighting solutions as well including parking garages and parking lots.

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Optimum LED Lighting Solutions

Saving the Planet, One Light Bulb at a Time.” Optimum Energy Solutions has saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars on their energy bills. In 2014 alone, Optimum saved our customers almost $300,000 in rebates and incentives from utility companies around the country and cut their electrical lighting costs anywhere from 55-80%. On average we save you 72% off your lighting electric bill. Since lighting equals about 40% of your total electric bill in a commercial building, that equals HUGE savings!

With a combined experience of 40 plus years in energy-efficient lighting, our management team makes Optimum stand out from the rest. We have retrofitted or provided new lighting design to over 100 Million SF of commercial space and have worked with ALL lighting technologies over the years —HID including Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Pulse Start metal halide, T12, T5 and T8 fluorescents, Induction Lighting and of course now LED lighting.

We listen to your needs and offer the best solution. Check out our full list of services included in your turnkey lighting project. Optimum also offers Green Lease financing and will explore any other options to help fund your lighting upgrade.

Whether your business or facility is an office building, warehouse, manufacturing plant, distribution center, small retail store or big box, multi-family facility or a senior-living center, if your business has lights, Optimum Energy Solutions can help! Don’t forget your exterior lighting! We can do parking lots, parking garages, building wall packs, building downlights, soffit lighting, etc. We work with business owners, property owners, property management companies and real estate companies as well as small business owners to help them save money and energy while practically eliminating maintenance expenses, providing better and clearer lighting, increasing security and productivity and most important, increasing your bottom line.

Lighting controls such as motion sensors, photo or daylight harvesting sensors also play a big part in your energy savings. What better energy savings than if the light is OFF? Optimum has a wide assortment of lighting controls to give you control over your lighting energy usage.

We have interior lighting solutions with increased lumens and foot candles that will increase the productivity of your employees. Combine that with lighting controls like motion sensors, dual-technology sensors, photo sensors, we will reach optimal energy savings for your company. High bay, low bay, office troffer, strip lighting, industrial lighting, can lights, recessed lighting, cove lighting, candelabra bulbs, flood lights, spot lights, sign lights—ANY commercial lighting…reducing your energy usage is the first step to reducing your carbon footprint and sustainability. We service all of the Greater Kansas City Metro area including all of the KCP&L GMO territory, Ameren Missouri and Illinois territory, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa. What can we do for you?

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Optimum Energy Solutions

Optimum Energy Solutions
10928 Hillcrest
Kansas City, MO 64134
Phone: 816.765.2400
Toll-Free: 877-454-2326


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